Tour Cities 2017



“A man’s heart plans his ways, but YHVH guides his steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

We plan our ways, He guides our steps.  But, in order for Him to do that, we must be stepping. We must be in motion…and so we go….

A year ago, the Goldman 8 headed out on to bring the Repairing the Breach Kingdom message across America.  Yes, we’re crazy!

But four months and 7500 miles later we made it back alive, having ministered in more than 1o different cities in the US and Canada, and with a lot of incredible Yah-stories to tell.  (watch “Being Crazy Enough to Walk in Your Calling” for the highlights and lessons learned)

With such a big world out there to reach with the Gospel of the Kingdom, how could we not do it again in 2017?!  This time, we’re mostly going to be in the US Southwest, as well as a handful of locations east of the Mississippi…


Where YOU Come In

Below are the cities we plan to visit and hope to have some type of ministry event when we are there, as well as conferences organized by others that we will be attending.  Some are for sure booked, while many are scheduled with local hosts but we still have much to do to organize them, and most (at this time) are still just our intention and we still need a local host.   We approached it similarly last year, with very often more faith than specific plans, and it worked out wonderfully!

Just as Y’shua instructed his disciples, we stay and minister where we are welcomed.  If you can help us in any way in any of these locations, we would be very grateful.   As well, there are sections of the country we will be passing through on the way between these cities, so if you have “room at the inn” along our route, let’s talk about stopping for a visit too!

So, we’ve planned our path across the US and back, and now we’ll see how the Almighty guides us…with your help!

Please visit our Tour Notification Page to tell us what city you’re in (and how you’d like to help) and we’ll notify you with specific updates.  😉

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2017 Tour Cities and Dates to Put on Your Calendar:

Black = For Sure, please get involved
Green = Scheduled, but still much help needed
Red = Planned City (nothing yet scheduled), help bring us to town
Gray = Past Events  (sorry you missed us!)

Augusta, Georgia:  June 23 – 24    event info

Emory, Texas:  June 28   event info

Dallas, Texas– Revive Conference: June 30 – July 2   event info   (attending and have a ministry table in the marketplace)

Norman, Oklahoma: July 6   event info

Colorado Springs, Colorado: July 29   event info

Mt. Pleasant, Utah:  August 4 – 6   event info

EskDale, Utah:  August 12   event info

Paso Robles, California:  August 19   event info

Los Angeles, California:  August 26   event info

San Diego, California:  September 1 – 2   event info

Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona:  September 8 – 9   event info

El Paso, Texas:  September 23   event info

Canyon Lake, Texas (Austin/San Antonio):  September 30

Chandler, Oklahoma – Sukkot:  October 5 – 15  event info  (attending)

Burnsville, North Carolina – Conference:  October 27 – 29   event info

Phoenix, AZ – Messianic Leadership Roundtable:  November 6-8   (attending)

Goode, Virginia:  November 18   event info

Wilmington, Delaware (Philadelphia-area):  November 26   event info

(that’s “all” for now)


Please visit our Tour Notification Page now to tell us what city you’re in (and how you’d like to help) and we’ll notify you with specific updates.  😉