Heading out on the road with our family requires a lot of resources, large and small.

See the tabs below in order to give a one-time donation,”Support the Tour” for six months, or direct your gift to a specific equipment need, in whole or in part…

Please consider a commitment of regular monthly support for any amount for the duration of the tour (now and for the next six months), as this will provide us with the financial means we need to make sure we “get down the road” and minister wherever we are welcomed.

Lots of Little = Lots

Many people have been blessed by the work of Repairing the Breach, but have not given even $1, because they feel that only large donations will make a difference.  Is this what you think too?

Let’s set the record straight: Relatively small donations, especially monthly ones, are SUPER-helpful. They are more important than you can even believe!

There are thousands of people on our email list, and we more than 1200 likes and follows to our Facebook page. Just think if each of them committed to provide just $5, $10, or $25 a month — it would be a total game-changer for our ministry.

Will everyone donate? Probably not. But if YOU do, and other “YOUs” do too, then we’re well on our way!

If all you can afford is $1 a month, then please DO IT. Stand with us in this mission, and sow in faith for a 1000-fold increase in the Kingdom!

Everything you give is invested in the ministry work of Repairing the Breach.


Thank you so much for supporting us and our 2017 American Tour!!

Please Note: Repairing the Breach is not a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, and therefore your donations are NOT automatically tax deductible. Thank you for supporting our work of “speaking the truth in love”, unencumbered.