August 4 & 5, 2017

Mt. Pleasant

Shalom Utah! We’re so happy to be visiting you!! Our purpose is to unify the Body of Messiah through a personal and corporate call to holiness, specifically in the three core areas of life: Relationship with the Almighty and with man; Health in spirit, soul, and body; and walking out our unique Kingdom Callings.

The entire Goldman family (including our six little ones) is traveling, teaching, and ministering around America to inspire and help raise up Biblical lifestyle communities worldwide that love sacrificially and thereby further the work of repairing the breach.


To this end, we’re holding three different events at the home of Ron and Susan Smith, as well as having time for fellowship, and spending family time with our children touring around your beautiful area.


There’s tabs below for all the event info, please join us for as much as you can. The different teachings are both independent and integrated to fit together in a wonderfully way; so we hope you’ll attend as many as you are able for the maximum impact. 😉


Also, please spend some time getting to know us here on our website, as well as on our other sites you’ll find on the Links page. We truly want to get you equipped and walking in your unique calling. Thank you so much! We’re so looking forward to seeing what our Father has planned for your area….

Repairing the Breach is an Isaiah 58 restoration ministry that instructs and disciples in Ancient Paths, Biblical Health, and Kingdom Business, through live events, online instruction, and materials in a variety of media.

Gospel of the Kingdom (August 4th)
Repairing the Breach (August 5th)
Biblical Health Workshop (August 6th) - Registration Required




Space is limited and there is no cost for the tickets, so please only secure the amount of tickets you need:

Venue: Home of Ron & Susan Smith

Home of Ron and Susan Smith

211 East 200 North, Mt. Pleasant, Utah, 84647

Phone: (435) 513-0284