June 21, 2016: Tour minus 9 days

T – 9:  “Nourish the Nations” Pastors Luncheon (Health Ministry)

Tour minus 9 days…we’re into single digits on the Countdown to Repairing the Breach‘s “Nourish the Nations” American Summer Tour, as we head out on June 30th…

Yesterday, we shared with you about the Sunday afternoon event in each city we visit, the Biblical health seminar titled: “The Balanced Life Workshop:  A Biblical Plan for Healthy Living” (if you missed that T-10 Update, read it here)

Today, with just 9 days left until we get our move-on, it’s time to share our strategy for bringing Biblical health to the entire Body of Messiah.  Yes, that’s right, it’s the “Nourish the Nations” Pastors Luncheon:  How to Establish and Operate a World-Changing Health Ministry in Your Church


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The Past

When we cofounded Biblical Health TV back in 2009, nobody cared.

Well, that’s a little over-exaggeration.  WE cared, and so did a rag-tag group of Believer health professionals who helped us teach and share the message, as well as a few devoted fans.

Over the years, when things seemed bleak, and we toiled without making much headway or money, the vision the Almighty gave us compelled us to keep going.

We just knew that the message of Biblical health had to get to the Church, and the way to do this is to teach great natural health principles with an unapologetic Biblical worldview.

And we held onto the confidence that, one day, the Christian world would “wake up” and realize that they need a true health ministry, and we would be the ones with the mature message, teaching materials, and a network to share it all through.

Praise the Almighty, that day has come…


        LFHL-DVD-layout 700           Daniel Plan

Our “Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0” (10-DVD set) and The Daniel Plan (1-DVD) were both released on the same day in December 2013
(That was enough of a coincidence…but how surprised were were to find that we picked almost identical branding colors!)


The Present

OK, we’re not saying that ours is the most popular message in the Church today, but the Spirit is moving and showing Christians and (super-importantly) their Pastors, that we cannot keep living like the world and claim that we are truly walking out our faith.

A couple years ago, at the same time we released “Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0” on DVD, Pastor Rick Warren released his Daniel Plan series.   Regardless of what you think of Pastor Rick, he has great influence, and he got the American church thinking about health, especially weight loss, eating right, and that there is more to health than just the physical.  But, The Daniel Plan is only a six week group study, and to change the culture you need an ongoing health ministry in A LOT of churches.

So, to coincide with our 2016 American Tour, we are releasing an entire Health Ministry program called “Nourish the Nations”, that will train facilitators within churches to teach classes and promote the Biblical Health lifestyle.

This is a game-changer, as we will be equipping the Saints not just with education, but with accountability, and entire programs for weightloss and healthy living.   Wrapped into it all is a mission to assist millions of malnourished children around the world, and so much more!  (Hence, “Nourish the Nations”.)

But, to get into churches, we need to present to the Shepherds the benefits of our program, and that’s what our Pastors-only event will do….


Faith Fitness Culture

Do You Know a Pastor Who Should Join Us?  (Is it You?)

On Monday at noon in the cities we visit, we’ll be hosting a free Pastors-only event to provide a complete, specific plan for establishing and operating a dynamic health ministry inside any congregation.

It’s a fully plug-and-play solution, and our Nourish the Nations organization will do all the “heavy lifting” at a minimal cost.

We will (1) provide churches large and small with all the teaching and promotional materials, (2) professionally disciple and train their chosen facilitators, and (3) even introduce them to ways to financially sustain the ministry for the long-term.  It’s a powerful package for successfully establishing and maintaining a culture of Biblical Health in churches all over America, and beyond.

If you are a Pastor, Assistant Pastor, or currently run a health ministry in your church, please contact us about spending Monday lunchtime with us when we come to your city. (Email:  info@RepairingTheBreach.global)

And if you know a Pastor who you believe should attend, please make the connection!

(We’re also providing a free healthy lunch to all the Pastors who attend…which means we are looking for sponsors to cover this in each city; so please contact us about that for more info.)


The Future

We’re now in our 7th year of Biblical Health TV, and it’s harvest-time!

Saint Francis of Assisi famously said, “Preach the Gospel continuously and, when necessary, use words.”

The Body of Messiah cannot keep living like the rest of the world and think it’s OK.   We must have a “fitness witness”, as we walk in Holiness in ALL things.

Then our life testimony will truly shine as a bright light for the world to see!

We see the message of Biblical Health finally exploding around the earth.  Halleluyah, it’s time!

Thank you for partnering with us in whatever ways you are led as we take the Biblical Health TV / Repairing the Breach message out on Tour around America.

Our “Support the Tour” campaign is for all you “repairing the breach-ers” out there who believe in what we are doing, and want to help get us and keep us on the road to minister to you and so many others.

We need hosts and volunteers in our tour cities, local and national promoters, and of course intercessory prayer warriors.

Financially, there are three primary ways to assist us:

1) Equipment: We have specific priority equipment needs listed on our website, and you can make a directed gift to pay for all or part of it.

2) One-Time Gift: Give a one-time donation of any amount to provide for our immediate “getting on the road” needs.

3) Support the Tour: Make a monthly commitment of any amount for six months of giving to support us all along the way. (1 donation now, and then 5 more monthly automatic donations)

And you can also Sponsor our Pastors Luncheon or any of our other Events.  (Please email us at:  info@RepairingTheBreach.global)


And do NOT think that even small donations, especially monthly ones, are not helpful.  They are more important than you can even believe.

So, please give whatever you can to our “Support the Tour” campaign.

When you make a donation of any size, one-time and/or monthly for the next six months, we’ll invest it all in this Kingdom work.


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