June 22, 2016: Tour minus 8 days

T – 8:  “Reboot Your Life” (Personal Health, Local Ministry, Global Missions)


Tour minus 8 days….summer has officially begun, and we’re continuing the Countdown to Repairing the Breach’s “Nourish the Nations” American Summer Tour.

Yesterday, we told you about our plans for influencing the entire Church culture by providing complete Biblical health ministries to congregations in: “Nourish the Nations” Pastors Luncheon:  How to Establish and Operate a World-Changing Health Ministry in Your Church” (if you missed that T-9 Update, read it here)

Today, with just 8 days left until our journey begins, it’s time to share about the final event we’re hosting in each city we visit.  This is an extraordinary opportunity that brings together personal health, local ministry, and international missions:  “Reboot Your Life:  Overcoming Fat, Sick, Tired…and Childhood Malnutrition”




Malnutrition in the “Western World”

Are you, or someone you love, suffering from “fat, sick, or tired”?  Or maybe “all of the above”?  You’re not alone!

Alarmingly, 70 – 80% of the population in America is overweight or obese!  What’s going on?!

Well, the latest science shows exactly what anyone who struggles with weightloss (even just those “last 10 lbs”) has already suspected:  Diet and exercise aren’t the whole story!

Actually, more than anything else, it’s about Hormones.  Specifically a hormone called “Leptin” that is made by your fat cells.   And when you are not producing Leptin properly, or you become what’s termed “Leptin resistant”, then your body doesn’t know how to properly burn fat.  You then enter a vicious metabolic cycle and become part of the “fat, sick, and tired” epidemic.

How does this malfunction happen?  It’s primarily the modern lifestyle  —  living on a toxic planet with a nutrition-less food supply, eating processed and sugar-rich food, sedentary lives with little physical activity, ruined microbiomes from antibiotics and poor diets, chronic inflammation, excessive stress, and the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, the diet industry offers “quick” solutions that almost always end up with a rebound weight gain.  They blame YOUR eventual failure on the lack of personal will power, but the most recent studies show that once you’re having issues with Leptin, it’s almost impossible to keep off the weight.

Can you imagine…this is actually a form of “malnutrition”? In the west we consume WAY too many empty calories, but not the nutrition our bodies actually need.  There are 1.4 billion people are the planet who are literally “starving from overindulgence”, and if you live in a modern culture, chances are you’re one of them…


feeding children


Malnutrition in the “Developing World”

Meanwhile, another 1.2 billion people on Earth do not get the calories they need each day.  This is the classic definition of malnutrition.  But even with them, it’s not just about calories.  Relief organizations ship over tons and tons of food, but just like in the west (from where this aid often originates) it’s often empty calories.

Feed the Children. Compassion International.  World Vision.  CARE.  Save the Children. UNICEF. (and the list goes on)

Wonderful organizations with heart; but, unfortunately, even UNICEF, which feeds more than any other, reaches fewer than 2 million children a year.  Meanwhile, 6 – 7 million children die of malnutrition each year worldwide, and SO MANY MORE live with the sickness and developmental issues that come from not receiving proper nutrients!

Sadly, even when they get calories, their diets are generally so poor that they are still severely malnourished.

Clearly, we need to find real solutions, and we need to find them quick…


Let’s Get Real!

OK, so now you know that at least 2.6 billion people on the planet are officially “malnourished”, that’s more than 1/3rd of the population.

And, let’s face it, to some extent almost everyone is personally suffering with some level of malnutrition because of anything from: poor eating habits, to poverty, to lack of access to good food, to digestive/gut issue, etc.

It’s both a super-global AND a hyper-local issue, and it’s killing us, and even the best attempts at curing it are falling woefully short, as the charity model has proven unsustainable, especially when the economy slumps.

 But there is hope, and we’ve found it!

And we are so excited to be able to tell you NOT JUST ABOUT it, but how you can GET INVOLVED in everything from taking care of your personal health issues, to sharing it as your local ministry, to nourishing children around the world…all at the same time!

And maybe the best part about it, is that it’s being pioneered by on-fire Believers!


Hope Movement


It’s Time to Reboot!

On Tuesday evenings in the cities we visit, we will be hosting an event called:  “Reboot Your Life:  Overcoming Fat, Sick, Tired…and Childhood Malnutrition”

We’ll show you how you can lose fat for good and get yourself healthy for life, while also nourishing children through a revolutionary “social entrepreneurial 3.0” model launched recently by personal friends of ours through two amazing God-centered companies called MannaRelief and EvolvHealth.  It’s an awesome group of professionals with a global mission, and we are blessed to be partnering with them!

This is the HOPE Movement, a complete Kingdom model where people just like us can come together and truly change the world and glorify the Almighty  —  and so we’re super-excited to be able to offer this as our closing event.


Of course, THIS EVENT IS FREE TO ATTEND, as are all the events on our Tour  —  and there will some form of registration for each one so we know to expect you.

As we confirm locations and time, we’ll be telling you how to reserve your place.

Until then, please make sure to go to our Tour page and (if you haven’t already) get on our Notification List, so we can keep you informed about the events we’ll be hosting closest to you


You Can Even Take Action Right Now

By the way, if you just can’t wait till we come to your town to deal with your “fat, sick, and/or tired” issues, then please fill out our Personal Health Survey and we’ll be contacting you right away to assist you.

And if you’d like to learn more about EvovHealth, CLICK HERE


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