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June 16, 2016:  Tour minus 14 days

T – 14

The Countdown has begun for Repairing the Breach‘s “Nourish the Nations” American Summer Tour!

We leave June 30th, and start by attending the Revive Conference, 4th of July weekend in Jacksonville, Florida  —  and then the full-blown events start in Roanoke, Virginia the following weekend!

We’ll then be heading to Monroe, MI (between Detroit and Toledo) and we’ll just keep going until the fall, including being the keynote speakers at a week long young adult summer camp in Saskatchewan, Canada, and celebrating Sukkot in northern Florida, and many points in between as the Father opens up the opportunities.

There’s still a lot in the planning stages, as this is completely a grassroots effort, but we hope to visit:

Ontario, Canada; Minnesota; Saskatoon, Canada; Montana; Washington state; Colorado; Arizona; Texas; Arkansas; Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and beyond…

Very soon, we’ll be launching an entire Tour website with all the info and for reserving your seat at each event.  So stay tuned for that!!


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DONATED:  Our Brand New, Yet-to-Be-Named, 16×7″ Tour Cargo Trailer.  Halleluyah!


CAN WE BE HONEST?  (This is Crazy!)

We are going on the road with our six young children, towing all our belongings in a 16′ trailer behind our 20 year old SUV.  Why? Because this is our calling.  Otherwise, it would just be crazy!

Honestly, it IS crazy.  Crazy for YHVH (the LORD)!   And that’s what makes it so awesome.

But, also honestly, we could REALLY use your help in so many ways.

How?  Well for instance:  Hosting and volunteering in our tour cities, promoting us locally and nationally, and of course through intercessory prayer, to just name a few.

And, as we finish up all the massive amount of preparations to get the eight of us on the road in less than two weeks, we still need a good amount of financial support.

So, at T – 14 and counting, we are launching our “Support the Tour” campaign for all of you “repairing the breach-ers” out there who believe in what we are doing, and want to help get us on the road…



We have three basic ways to contribute financially:

1)  Equipment:  We have specific priority equipment needs listed on our website, and you can make a directed gift to pay for all or part of it.

2)  One-Time Gift:  Give a one-time donation of any amount to provide for our immediate “getting on the road” needs

3)  Support the Tour:  Make a monthly commitment of any amount for six months of giving to support us all along the way.  (1 payment now, and then 5 more monthly automatic payments)

GO HERE to Support the Tour in whatever ways you are led



Many people have been blessed by the work of Repairing the Breach, but have not even given $1, because they feel that only large donations will make a difference.  Is this what you think too?

Let’s set the record straight:  Relatively small donations, especially monthly ones, are SUPER-helpful.  They are more important than you can even believe!

Over the past year more than 1000 new people have joined our email list, and we just hit 1000 likes on our Facebook page.

Just think if each of them committed to give just $5, $10, or $25 a month  —  it would be a total game-changer for our ministry.

Will everyone donate?   Probably not.  But if YOU do, and other “YOUs” do too, then we’re well on our way!

If all you can give is $1 a month, then please DO IT.  Sow in faith for a 1000-fold increase in the Kingdom!



So, please give whatever you can to our “Support the Tour” campaign.

When you make a one-time and/or monthly donation for the next six months, we’ll invest it all in this Isaiah 58 restoration ministry of Repairing the Breach!


CLICK HERE for our current Tour page (including getting on our notifications list for cities near you)

And GO HERE to Support the Tour in whatever ways you are led


Todah Rabah!  (Thank You Very Much!)


Next, read our “T-13 Update” for a quick overview on all the different planned Tour Events coming soon to cities around America…


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