June 17, 2016: Tour minus 13 days

T – 13:  Tour Events Overview

Tour minus 13 days…the Countdown has begun for Repairing the Breach’s “Nourish the Nations” American Summer Tour.

Yesterday we shared with you our “crazy” plan to head out on the road around America this summer with our six young children to bring the Repairing the Breach message, as well as how you can join in.  (if you missed that T-14 Update, read it here)

Today, with just 13 days left until we hit the road, we are giving you a quick overview of what we plan to do when we “come to town”….




1.  Shabbat Fellowship  (Saturday morning/afternoon)

We’ll be pulling into each new location toward the end of the week, and so the “first order of business” is not business at all, but spending a sweet Shabbat with the local Messianic/Hebrew Roots community, and anyone else who would like to join us.

The exact plans will change from town to town, but we are finding a way to bring many individuals and congregations together for a time of teaching, Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship  —  and, of course, food.  What an awesome way to begin in each new area, huh?


2. Repairing the Breach:  Realizing the Gospel of the Kingdom in Your Community  (Saturday evening)

Repairing the Breach‘s watchword is:  “Love, Holiness, Unity”.  This is what we must attain and maintain in order to be in true fellowship with each and build genuine faith communities.  “Love, Holiness, Unity” is also a pattern to get us there.

On Saturday evening, as the Sabbath draws to a close, join us for a time of musical worship, and then a presentation about what it means to be a “repairer of the breach”.  You’ll be challenged to walk in your specific calling, bring the full Gospel of the Kingdom to your local area (and beyond), and a life in committed service to the Almighty every day!

If you know there’s got to be more to your faith life, have a heart that breaks for all the division in the body of Messiah, and desire to be part of community like we read about in the Book of Acts, then please join us for an evening of vision-setting and equipping.

Yes, it’s really possible!

We’re Repairing the Breach…”for such a time as this”!


3.  The Balanced Life Workshop:  A Biblical Plan for Healthy Living  (Sunday afternoon)

We are cofounders of Biblical Health TV, and our core message is the importance of knowing your Identity (who and Whose you are), pursuing your specific Kingdom Calling, and walking in Holiness in all aspects of life.

Held at a local church, “The Balanced Life Workshop” is a dynamic and highly-practical 4-hour seminar for discovering how to have an abundant life of faith and action….the exact one God planned for you!


4.  “Nourish the Nations” Pastors Luncheon:  How to Establish and Operate a World-Changing Health Ministry in Your Church   (Monday noon)

In order to bring Biblical health to entire communities, we must affect the culture.  So, we’re hosting a Pastors-only event in each city to provide a complete, specific plan for establishing and operating a dynamic health ministry inside any congregation.    We’re also providing a free healthy lunch to all the pastors (and so are looking for sponsors to cover this in each city; please contact us about being a sponsor.)


5.  “Reboot Your Life” Presentation:  Overcoming Fat, Sick, Tired…and Childhood Malnutrition  (Tuesday evening)

Are you, or someone you love, suffering from “fat, sick, or tired”?  Or maybe “all of the above”?  You’re not alone!  Alarmingly, 70 – 80% of the population is overweight or obese!  What’s going on?!

We’re going to show how you can lose fat for good and get yourself healthy for life, while also nourishing children through a revolutionary “social entrepreneurial” model.   This is the complete Kingdom model, and we’re super-excited to be able to offer this as our closing event.


ALL EVENTS ARE FREE TO ATTEND  —  and there will some form of registration required for each one.

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing a more detailed blog post about each event, and as we confirm locations and time, we’ll be telling you how to reserve your place.

Until then, please make sure to go to our Tour page and (if you haven’t already) get on our Notification List, so we can keep you informed about the events we’ll be hosting closest to you!




As we finish up all the massive amount of preparations to get the eight of us on the road in less than two weeks, we’ll greatly appreciate your continued grassroots support!

So, we’ve launched our “Support the Tour” campaign for all you “repairing the breach-ers” out there who believe in what we are doing, and want to help get us on the road.

Along with hosting and volunteering in our tour cities, promoting us locally and nationally, and of course through intercessory prayer, there are three primary ways to assist us financially:

1) Equipment: We have specific priority equipment needs listed on our website, and you can make a directed gift to pay for all or part of it.

2) One-Time Gift: Give a one-time donation of any amount to provide for our immediate “getting on the road” needs

3) Support the Tour: Make a monthly commitment of any amount for six months of giving to support us all along the way. (1 payment now, and then 5 more monthly automatic payments)

And do NOT think that even small donations, especially monthly ones, are not helpful.  They are more important than you can even believe.

So, please give whatever you can to our “Support the Tour” campaign.

When you make a one-time and/or monthly donation for the next six months, we’ll invest it all in this Isaiah 58 restoration ministry of Repairing the Breach!


GO HERE to Support the Tour in whatever ways you are led.

And CLICK HERE for our current Tour page and get on our notifications list for cities near you!




Next, read our “T-12” Update for an overview of the #1 event planned in each city, the Shabbat Fellowship…


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