Prayer Support

Repairing the Breach was a long time in coming, and its mission and vision are ambitious, to put it mildly.

Much of what we teach is quite challenging to “Christianity as usual”, though we always seek to bring the truth with great love and compassion, as well as staying open and teachable ourselves.


Your prayers are needed above all other forms of support, especially in the following areas:

1)  For our personal relationship with God, that each of us would stay in His light, hear His voice, and walk in obedience,


2)  For our marriage, that it would remain tightly bound as a three-stranded cord, since the primary place for the enemy to attack a family ministry is the covenant union that established the family.


3)  For our children, that they would each develop a strong lifelong walk with the Almighty and a saving faith through His Messiah, and that they would be completely protected in body, soul, and spirit, especially as we travel.


4)  That we would be clearly lead to minister in places where the Almighty has already well-prepared the ground, so that the seeds we sow will find good soil and realize a 100-fold increase.


5)  That we would be prepared in all seasons, and that His words would continually be in our mouths, wherever and whenever he affords us the opportunity to minister.


6)  That He would guide us to always be excellent stewards of His provision, and that resources of every kind would always be plentiful for the work to be undertaken each day.


7)  That He will always be pleased by our faithful labor, so that we will be called “good and faithful servants”, as well as “repairers of the breach, and restorers of paths to dwell in”.