Helps Support

In 1 Corinthians 12:28, “helps” and “administration” are listed as talents appointed for the benefit of His people. The LORD intends for every single Believer to be actively involved in advancing the Kingsom, and so we each need to undertake our portion of the work in order for ministry to go forth and prosper according to His plan.


If you are called to colabor with Repairing the Breach, here are some of the near-term needs we’ve identified in addition to prayer and financial support:

Event Coordinators  —  We are actively seeking opportunities to teach and disciple in South Florida through the spring and summer, and then around the US beginning in the fall.  Would you like to help us coordinate one or more events, including in your local area?

Fundraisers  —  Do you have a knack for inspiring others to give?   The, help us secure support for our exciting and ambitious ministry initiatives.  (most of which you haven’t even heard about yet!)

Administrators —  Would you like to help with different types of administrative jobs?  We have a whole list of tasks with which we could use your assistance, especially if you live in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

Media / Social Media Campaigners —   Are you in media, or have connections?   Do you like to promote in social media?  Help us get the word out about Repairing the Breach!   (we’ll provide you with all the necessary materials, and even train you how to engage the market)

Strategic Partners  —  Do you have a win-win idea on which we can partner together in some way?  We’re always willing to listen to creative ideas that serve the Kingdom and are a good fit for Repairing the Breach.


Let’s Go!  

If you’d like to help with any of the above, please go to our Help Desk at:, choose the appropriate subject for your ticket, and share with how you’d like to be involved.  (If you would like to help in more than one area, please submit a different ticket for each.)

Thank you so much!  We greatly appreciate your heart (and hands) to help!!