The Move

to South Florida

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Why we’ve Relocated from Charlotte to South Florida


Well, the short answer is so that we may focus on preparing ourselves in every way, to be ready this fall to go on the road as “Kingdom Ambassadors” to minister full-time to congregations and fellowships around the US.

South Florida is truly a “base” for our family.  Kim is from Miami, and so her mother, father, grandmother (who turns 100 at the end of April), and a lot of other relatives are there.  Also, Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazims (Biblical Health TV co-founders), and many other friends who are strong Believers also live there. We’ve certainly been blessed with amazing friends in Charlotte over the past two years, and we look forward to those relationships growing through the years (and we plan to visit Charlotte at least once a year)  —  but South Florida is where we have the strongest roots.

Honestly, the last few years have been very strenuous on us.  We relocated to Charlotte to work with a ministry with a production studio, primarily to build BHtv.   A lot of great work was accomplished, the “Lessons for Healthy Living” 10-DVD Biblical health series being the most significant project, and we are very thankful for our time there, but unfortunately our overall partnership didn’t work out.  Since July of last year we’ve been on our own, which just increased the overall stress, especially financially.

Still, we pressed forward…advancing the BHtv message with very limited resources, launching Kingdom Consulting and the “Share Your Voice” course in September, and then birthing Repairing the Breach just this pas month.



Getting Strong

The lease for our home rental in Charlotte ended on March 31st, and we hoped that we might be ready to “hit the road” in an RV come April 1st, but we’re just not prepared.  We’d be heading into a very challenging lifestyle from a point of severe weakness, and that just doesn’t seem to be the way that the Almighty sends his warriors out to battle.

So, the plan is to pull back to our South Florida base, where we will have lots of resources and even lower living expenses, and get strong in the following areas:

1) Physically:   We’ll be training with Drs. Jeff and Andrea who are under orders to coach us into the best health of our entire lives…body, soul, and spirit.

2)  Spiritually:  As we stated, we know many super-strong Believers in South Florida, as the Hazims are part of a wonderful faith community.  We’re looking forward to the fellowship and accountability that is a part of their everyday lives.

3)  Mentally/Emotionally:  The social infrastructure we have in South Florida, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as more familiar surroundings, will speed our rehabilitation faster than any other location.  We’re not going there for a vacation, but to get prepared for the mission ahead.

4)  Getting Strong:  Dr. Jeff and I have been business and ministry partners for more than a decade, and it’s difficult to work together successfully when we are not able to see each other for long periods of time.  Our time in South Florida will be an intensive period to focus on properly stewarding what the Lord has put into our hands, in order to maximize the resources we have for serving His Kingdom.

Also, Kim’s mom owns an apartment in Miami that we lived in before, and that’s where we are now.  We will be covering her monthly expenses on the property, but it still will cost us about $500 less for basic living costs (rent & utilities) than we’ve been paying in Charlotte.


Getting There

As the past couple months have been a huge investment of time and money in launching Repairing the Breach, and certain work projects didn’t come together as we hoped, there has not been much income.  So, we found ourselves in need to be able to leave Charlotte and move to South Florida.

This is where we hope and pray that you are able to help us get there…

We’ve learned to keep budgets very tight, and we’ll be moving ourselves with a Uhaul truck and our SUV.  All in all, we need an estimated $2700 to “get out of Dodge” with our car, possessions, and children, and our bills paid, and relocate 700 miles south.  We made it here, but are still short….so your donations toward our move are still greatly appreciated.  😉


Here is how it itemizes:

U-Haul Truck Rental and other direct moving expenses:  $1200

Fuel for Truck and our SUV + tolls for travel:  $350

Current Ministry Development Expenses (website production and product development and inventory):  $750

Other Moving-Related/Life Expenses:  $400


Total for “The Move” Fundraising Need:  $2700


Please support us financially as you are able, so we can settle the past, and begin the important work of preparation to take Repairing the Breach on the road in strength, beginning this fall!

Thank you for your consideration, and support of any kind at at any level!!

Of course, please tell others about Repairing the Breach, and encourage their support too.


For such a time as this,

Chaim, Dr. Kim, and the family Goldman