OK, no surprise….we need finances with which to live and operate the ministry, and even more so as we travel around America, teaching and ministering.


All in all, we don’t need very much, as even though there are eight of us, we are just one family. We’ve learned how to live lean, and stay faithful to the work, no matter what.

And as we grow, there are others working with our ministry, and expenses grow.

Plus, Repairing the Breach is also supporting the new ministry work of Hebraic Home Fellowships, a support network and training center for the entire Messianic/Hebrew Roots home and small-group fellowship community.

You financial support, whether one-time or monthly, is greatly appreciated.

It not only keeps us on the road ministering and allows is to grow, but it also encourages us to know that you are standing with us as ministry partners.



I-58: Monthy Support

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Sower: One Time Donation

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Now it’s official:  The Goldmans are in full-time ministry…touring and teaching around America!


We aren’t being “romantic” about traveling with six young children with just an SUV and cargo trailer, and understand that our entire family needs to be ready in body, soul, and spirit to walk in this calling.

As we venture from city to city, we are super-grateful to those who support us financially on an ongoing basis. As it allows us a level of stability in a life that is filled with constant change.

If you believe in Repairing the Breach, please consider donating (one-time or monthly) to our front-line work.  Even a relatively small amount (like $5 or $10/month), goes a long way in combination with the gifts of others!

You can become one of our “I-58” supporters by committing to a monthly donation in recognition of the Isaiah 58 mission of restoration!

Thank you!!

Thank you for sowing what you can to support the work of Repairing the Breach!

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated.

Unless specified for specific use, your gift will be utilized for the same purposes as donations for our I-58 monthly support.

Please Note:  Repairing the Breach is not a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, and therefore your donations are NOT automatically tax deductible.  Thank you for supporting our work of “speaking the truth in love”, unencumbered.