Shabbat Fellowship:  February 18. 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017       12:30 – 7pm

Home of Jerry and Julia Glattfelt 

7106 Lorraine Court       Port St. Lucie, Florida  34952       (707) 430-3814       (map below)

Two Diverse Teachings, plus Group “Midrashing” (commentary/discussion):

The Gospel of the Kingdom: Messiah’s Only Ministry and Your Soul Purpose

The Foundational GEMS of Biblical Health

Discover How to…

  • Share “the true Gospel” that We’ve Missed for Almost 2000 years
  • Discover Your Purpose, Walk in Your Calling, and Share it Boldly Every Day
  • Confidently Make Practical Healthy Decisions to Care for Your ‘Temple’
  • Be a Genuine “Repairer of the Breach” in this Dark and Hurting World


Schedule of Events

12:30pm   Fellowship Meal (Biblically-kosher potluck)*

1:30pm      Worship

2:00pm     Teaching #1:  The Gospel of the Kingdom: Messiah’s Only Ministry and Your Sole Purpose  (Chaim Goldman)

3:30pm    Weekly Parasha Readings:   Torah (Law), Haftorah (Prophets), Brit Chadasha (New Covenant)

4:00pm    Group Midrash (commentary & discussion)  —  Topic:  Kingdom Citizens, Ambassadors, and Leaders

5:30pm     Teaching #2:  The Foundational GEMS of Biblical Health  (Dr. Kim Goldman)

6:30pm     Fellowship

(subject to change by Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit))


Whether you already observe a complete Sabbath day of rest, or you’ve never experienced it before…

Whether you currently believe it’s Saturday, Sunday, or even Tuesday…

If you are a true Believer in the Messiah Y’shua (Jesus Christ), we’d like you to come fellowship with us on Shabbat (the 7th day Sabbath) at the home of Jerry and Julia Glattfelt in Port St. Lucie, Flordia .

We’ll be gathering together for a time of teaching, Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship  —  and, of course, food.*

[click image to enlarge flyer; right-click image to download eflyer; click here for printable version]

We invite you to take the day off and come spend it with us.

We’re so looking forward to having you there!


* If you are able to bring food to share for the fellowship meal, that would be awesome.  We just ask that it be “biblically kosher” (NO pork or shellfish ingredients), and if it is a cooked item that it be prepared on Friday (or earlier) before the Sabbath.  Thanks so much!


Registration is NOT required for this event