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#5: ‘The Foundational GEMS of Biblical Health’

4 Easy-to-Remember Steps to Always Choosing Life


Wow, this world sure does offer a LOT of choices!

Welcome to the the I-age, folks, where it’s all about YOU, and “having it YOUR way”.

So, what is a Kingdom-minded person to do when trying to live out the Bible on a planet that is continually marketing “live for self”?

On thisPodcast, we are offering you an incredibly practical and handy solution, specifically for your Health.

Dr. Kim Goldman is back, to give us the wisdom of her natural health and Chiropractic training, as well as her many years of experience running the Goldman household.

Her four easy-to-remember steps provide a simple structure you can apply to every — YES “every” — situation you find yourself in, to take care of your Temple, honor your Creator, and choose life!

#4: ‘The Narrow Road Challenge’

You Can Do This! Guaranteed!!

Are you up to the Challenge of being a true Believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and a follower of His Messiah?

Well…on this Repairing the Breach” podcast, we’re walking the Narrow Road that leads to life.

Yes, it’s “The Narrow Road Challenge”, and Chaim and Dr. Kim Goldman are going to show you how “You Can Do This!” Guaranteed!!

#3: ‘You Call THIS a Fast?!’ (pt 2)

Chaim’s Revelations on Isaiah 58

What is “the acceptable fast”?  And what does it take to become a Repairer of the Breach?

These aren’t simple questions, but we’re quite sure every Believer needs to know the answers, and live the life those answers demand.

Did you listen to Podcast #2?   Did you read Isaiah 58 yourself?  What did it speak to you?

Chaim has been reading and meditating on this specific section of the Bible since about 1999, and every time he revisits it, it just gets deeper.

Want to be called a “Repairer of the Breach” yourself?   Then come hear the Almighty’s plan for making that happen!

#2: ‘You Call THIS a Fast?!’

You Really Need to Know He Said

The 58th chapter of Isaiah is all about the “acceptable fast” unto God.

And when you really pay attention to what the prophet wrote, you realize that this is a message delivered by all the Biblical prophets.

It is also the heart of the Messiah Y’shua (Jesus), and one could say it’s the core message of the entire Bible.

Want to be called a “Repairer of the Breach” yourself?   Then come hear the Almighty’s plan for making that happen!

#1: ‘Repairing the Breach’

How It All Started…


According to Isaiah, YOU shall be called “The Repairer of the Breach!”  What does that mean?   And how are you to walk it out?

Well, that’s what Repairing the Breach, the Isaiah 58 restoration ministry of Chaim and Dr. Kim Goldman (and their six children), is all about.

Join us for our very first Podcast, as Chaim introduces you to the heart of the Repairing the Breach message, and how we can help you realize in your true calling!

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