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Messiah in the Passover and the Redemption of Christian Identity


Chaim Goldman presenting the introduction to “By the Blood of the Lamb”


“2-DVD Set 2+ hours of Teaching, plus Music”


Ever since Y’shua (Jesus) was crucified 2000 years ago, Jewish tradition and culture have keep most of His own people from even considering that He is the promised Messiah.

As well, two millennia of Christian tradition and culture have blinded us to what REALLY happened that Passover in Jerusalem…

“By the Blood of the Lamb:  Messiah in the Passover and the Redemption of Christian Identity” is both a journey back in time to restore the foundations of our faith, as well as a challenge for us walk in our true calling today.

Where did Abraham prophesy that the Messiah would die and who He would be?


How did Y’shua (Jesus) fulfill the requirements of the Passover to the very day and hour?


Was the Last Supper actually a traditional Jewish seder meal?


Why does God command His people to retell the Exodus story each and every year?


Who does the Bible teach that we truly are?


And, what does any of this have to do with living the authentic Christian life today?!


You’ll get answers to these questions and many more, and you will never see yourself, or your Savior, the same way again!

Dr. Kim Goldman sharing the Biblical definition of “Passover” (from disc 1)

Last March (2015), Chaim and Dr. Kim Goldman had the wonderful opportunity to teach about “Messiah in the Passover” at a church in South Carolina.

It was the first official event for us at Repairing the Breach!

We promise you, it was not your typical “Jesus in the Seder” message.

In fact, we brought the truth in love to shine light into the springtime religious practices of Christianity, Judaism, and our Messianic faith.


Messiah in the Passover and the Redemption of Christian Identity

2-DVD Set 2+ hours of Teaching, plus Music


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Matthew and Bethany Hall performing “He is King”, one of 4 live worship songs included on DVD

REPAIRING THE BREACH is an Isaiah 58 restoration ministry that instructs and disciples in Ancient Paths, Biblical Health, and Kingdom Business, through live events, online instruction, and materials in a variety of media.

Our purpose is to unify the Body of Messiah through a personal and corporate call to holiness, specifically in the three core areas of life: Relationship with God and man; Health in spirit, soul, and body; and walking out our unique Kingdom Callings.

The entire Goldman family  —  Chaim, Dr. Kim, and their six homeschooled children  —  travels and teaches for the ultimate purpose of inspiring and helping to raise up Biblical lifestyle communities worldwide that love sacrificially and thereby further the work of repairing the breach.


Goldman Camping wide

CHAIM AND DR. KIM GOLDMAN are Jewish Believers, American and Israeli citizens, and passionate and entertaining storytellers.  Their personal, professional, and spiritual journeys have equipped them to share dynamic, interactive, challenging, and fun messages on core Kingdom principles through their family ministry:  Repairing the Breach




CHAIM GOLDMAN was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia as a Reform (secular) Jew.  Being culturally Jewish (including keeping the holidays and getting Bar Mitzvahed) was always an important part of his family identity, but not faith was not.  In 1995, he became a Believer in the promised Messiah of Israel, Y’shua (Jesus), and immediately began to search out and study, and eventually teach on, the Hebrew roots of Christianity.

Chaim is a serial entrepreneur with a professional background in TV production, as well as sales and marketing.  His great passion is to help others tell their unique story, including teaching the Bible from a Hebraic perspective.  “The greatest story never told!”

Ever since he became a Believer, his heart as been to serve the Kingdom with all his talents, including his businesses.  From ProIsrael Production and Israel High Tech TV (both based in Jerusalem), to Biblical Health Television, to now Kingdom Consulting, Chaim’s work challenges the Church to walk in God’s full calling.

Repairing the Breach is a ministry that Chaim was inspired to walk in more than 16 years ago, and he has integrated this calling into his life in many ways, but the work has never been formally proclaimed  —  until now!

Chaim, his wife of 14 years, Dr. Kim, and their six children currently reside in Miami, Florida as they finalize preparations to “take the show on the road”.  The time has now come for their entire family to go forth and bring their Repairing the Breach mission with the world.


DR. KIM GOLDMAN graduated from Life University School of Chiropractic in 1999.  After practicing a few years in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, she met Chaim, and a short time later they were married and living in Jerusalem, Israel. After nine years and five children later,  the Goldmans returned to the US in 2011, and had their sixth child in August 2012 (to make it an “even half-dozen”!), and currently reside in Miami, FL.

As a homeschool mom of many, Dr. Kim is not actively practicing Chiropractic (only adjusting family and friends), but she loves to teach the benefits of a natural and Biblically healthy lifestyle. She is a co-founder of, and some of her teachings on health can be found there, while more than 100 posts are on her blog:  Here she shares her knowledge and experience regarding raising a large family in body, soul, and spiritual health.

Kim grew up in a Reform (secular) Jewish household, attended Sunday school, had a Bat Mitzvah, and served as president of her temple youth group in high school.  But by the time she graduated from Chiropractic college, she had received Y’shua (Jesus) as her Messiah, and began her journey to knowing not only WHO He is, but also WHOSE she is.

That was more than 16 years ago, and her hunger to understand the Scriptures as a Jew who believes in Jesus has has fruitfully provided revelation about how to share the roots of the Christian faith in ways that powerfully restores its foundations. As she teaches together with her husband Chaim, she prays that her entire family can be used in Repairing the Breach.


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Chaim Goldman examining Jewish, Christian, and Messianic religious traditions (from disc 2)

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Messiah in the Passover and the Redemption of Christian Identity

2-DVD Set 2+ hours of Teaching, plus Music