Passover for Believers Presentation & FAQs

Get the Answers You Need for a 'Less Stress & More Joy' Feast

Webinar Presentation by Chaim and Dr. Kim Goldman, recorded March 2015

(plus Q&A videos to Audience Questions below)

PASSOVER FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These video answers to frequently asked questions about the Biblical Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread were recorded in March 2015 as part of our ‘how-to’ webinar.

After making the 40-minute presentation, we answered questions live for about 2.5 hours. These are a sampling of the questions, provided individually so that you may easily watch the ones that interest you.

We hope and pray that this information helps you have a “less stress and more joy” Feast!

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact our Help Desk.

'What Day Should We Observe Passover?'
'Biblical vs. Traditional Passover Observance?'
'What is Leaven?'
'What Calendar Should We Use to Determine Passover?'
'Why Do Most Churches Ignore Passover?'
'How Can I Best Observe Passover If I Live Alone or Have No Community?'
'What Days Did Y'shua (Jesus) Die and Resurrect?'
'Does Two People Qualify as a 'Holy Convocation'?'
'What Do You Do the Night Before Passover?'
'Is Lamb to Be Eaten on Passover?'
'Should the Passover Be Eaten at the Beginning or End of the 14th Day?'
'What is the Difference Between a Passover Seder and a 'Model' Seder?'
'When is the 'Between the Evenings' of Passover?'
'How Do You Prepare for Passover when It Occurs on the Weekly Shabbat?'
'If 'Leaven' is Yeast, What about the Yeast in Beer, Wine, Kombucha, etc.?'
'What about Cereal and Other Food Made from Grain, Do I Need to Get Rid of that for Passover?'

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