'The Miracle Van' Testimony

presented by Chaim Goldman

Less than one week into our 2017 Tour, our SUV died.  Halleluyah!

What happened next is a testimony to how the Kingdom truly works.

Be inspired…because you CAN’T make this stuff up….


In 2016, the eight of us drove 7500 miles around America all summer with just a 20 year old SUV, a 16′ cargo trailer, and a lot of faith.

When we headed out in 2017, this time for six months and 9000 miles, including a planned trek over the Rockies, the only change in our mode of transportation was that our SUV was now 21 years old.  Oy vey!

Well, the old girl didn’t last even a week; she died in East Texas….and that was just awesome!  Because we got reminded about how amazing it is to work for the the Creator of the Universe, as our family received a “Kingdom upgrade” in the craziest of ways that you may find hard to believe.   (Hey…we would too, if it hadn’t happened to us!)

We didn’t get delayed on our Tour really at all, and now we’re traveling in style, as Kingdom Ambassadors should!

Be inspired to have great faith, pray, and walk in your calling in this video presentation….