Connecting the Dots: Corona, Passover, and Beyond...

Private Message


This is a private message for Lance Wallnau, recorded April 6, 2020.

Hi Lance,

Wow, what tumultuous times, huh?

Like you, I’ve been watching the Babylonian systems of man collapse worldwide and have been asking the Father what I’m supposed to specifically do and say about it.  I’ve also been asked by quite a few people what my “take is on this whole Corona virus thing.”   As of April 6, 2020 this is my take, recorded as a video message (because I’d never get around to writing it down).

Please let me know what you think, and I look forward to discussing these things with you soon, when you are able.  I believe that the 7 Mountains mission for the Pikes Peak region and beyond just got a whole lot more serious…and within reach!  Praise YHVH!!

Pesach samayach! (Have a joyous Passover!).  We have a couple Passover teachings on this website, including one on “Messiah and the Passover” that my wife, Kim, and I presented about five years ago at a church in South Carolina.  Please check them out if you are interested.  😉

For such a time as this,



Here are the articles I mentioned in the video: