Chaim Goldman on Now You See TV

Recorded: May 10, 2016 -- watch full interview and soundbite clips

Full Interview (watch soundbite clips below)

Part 1: Introduction and Personal Testimony

Part 2: How Do You Bring a 'Hard Message'?

Part 3: Should We Be Judging Other Believers?

Part 4: How Do You Deal with Theological Arguments?

Part 5: Torah is NOT 'Plan A'

Part 6: How Do You Start the Conversation About Torah & Holiness?

Part 7: Ways to Explain 'Torah Keeping' to Christians

Part 8: Are We 'Freed from the Law'?

Part 9: Using Torah to 'Walk in the Spirit'

Part 10: What is the 'Nourish the Nations' 2016 Summer Tour?

Part 11: What is 'Ministry'?

Part 12: Will the Millennial Reign Be a Torah Observant Kingdom?


Part 13: How Do You Walk Out the Torah as a Believer?

Part 14: Rabbinic Authority & Forming Believer Communities + Close