'Holiday Survival Guide'

or 'Oy, It's That Time of Year Again!'

Your Chrismahanukwanzakah Holiday Survival Guide


Oy vey…it’s THAT time of year again!   (and we feel your pain)

What’s a Believer to do in December, the month of Hanukkah, Christmas, and (in the US) Kwanzaa?

None are Biblical holy days, so how should a follower of Messiah approach this season when so many are celebrating so much?

If you’d like to hear our take, then join us as we tackle these difficult and very sensitive issues in our transparent,balanced, and slightly-irreverent Repairing-the-Breach-style that you’ve (hopefully) come to know and love:

  *  Is it OK for me to observe any days not listed in Leviticus 23?
*  Hanukkah is a “Jewish Holiday”, if I want to celebrate it, what’s the “right way” to do it?
*  I heard Christmas celebrations are pagan, can I have anything to do with them, like going to holiday parties?
*  What if my spouse or children do not agree with me on any of these issues?
*  My Christian or secular family members are inviting us over on December 25th, what should we tell them?
*  My parents/siblings/friends want to give gifts to us (and expect them from us), how should we handle it?

and, as always, we’ll go even deeper by taking attendee questions!

(Live Webinar recorded December 1, 2015)