Isaiah 58 Vision: Repairing the Breach

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And you shall be called ‘Repairers of the Breach’ and ‘Restorers of Paths to Dwell In’!

I remember reading those words in Isaiah 58 and crying. It was early 1999, I had been a Believer for four years, and all I could think was, “My deepest desire is to be called by those titles!”

In the almost two decades since, that longing has only grown….


The Acceptable Fast

Isaiah was a radical servant of the Almighty, and what we now call the 58th chapter of his writings is an in-your-face challenge to give it all for the sake of others as we serve the Kingdom in our generation.

What is an ‘acceptable fast’ to you, LORD? It’s abstaining from food, right? Am I even close?

Wait?! Share my bread with the hungry? Bring the poor into my house? Clothe the naked?

Remove the yoke from my midst? Don’t blame others? Stop speaking unrighteously?

Extend my very being to the hungry, and bring satisfaction to the souls of the afflicted?!

LORD, can’t I just skip a few meals and pray for others to do that self-sacrificial ministry stuff?!


Delighting Yourself

Ah, but when we undertake this acceptable fast, what are we promised?

Our light will dawn in the darkness as if it was noon day! Our healing will spring forth speedily! Our righteousness will go before us, and YHVH Himself will be our rear guard!

He will guide us continually, satisfy our soul in drought, strengthen our bones, and make us like a well-watered garden!

Oh, and catch this… When we cry out to HIM, He will respond, “Here I Am!(How amazing is that?!)

We will build up the old waste places, and raise up the foundations of many generations, and we will be called by the names: ‘Repairers of the Breach’ and “Restorers of Paths to Dwell In”!!


Family Ministry

During Hanukkah of 2001, I met Dr. Kimberly Klein — another Jewish Believer — while I was teaching at a Hebrew Roots home fellowship in Florida. We were soon married, moved to Israel for nine years, had six children, and are now back in the US.

Looking back, we see that the restoration ministry of Isaiah 58 has continually grown stronger in both of us, and taken on an ever-deepening meaning.

Have we embraced everything it teaches about the Almighty’s “acceptable fast”? Sadly, no! Doing so requires us to completely yield to the Holy Spirit, take up our cross daily, and fully die to self…and too many times our flesh gets in the way. But, we keep pressing on to this High Calling in Messiah Y’shua (Jesus)…and are training our children to do likewise…and we are having great victory!

This journey has inspired us to embody a Biblical lifestyle in all areas of our life, and it bears much fruit every day. It has also prepared us well to now go forth with our Repairing the Breach mission:

  • Ancient Paths: Our hunger to understand the Scriptures as Jews who believe in Y’shua/Jesus has clearly revealed to us how to share the roots of the Christian faith in ways that powerfully restore its foundations.
  • Biblical Health: Our pursuit of true health — the way our Creator designed it in Spirit, Soul, and Body — has expertly qualified us to minister the wholistic gospel of Biblical health to a sick and hurting Church community.
  • Kingdom Business: Our quest to serve the Almighty completely through our entrepreneurial endeavors has professionally equipped us to develop a unique coaching curriculum that trains and inspires Believers to discover and walk in their true callings though launching and operating Kingdom-focused businesses and ministries.
  • Kingdom Ambassador Training: An intensive weekend conference lead by Chaim Goldman where you’ll learn how to discover (or deepen) your unique calling and what it takes to serve the Kingdom as an Ambassador yourself!

As we have walked this out and matured, we have come to realize that these seemingly diverse topics are each but facets on the same diamond; the sparkling gem that He has made each of us who is in Messiah. They are all major expressions of our Kingdom identity: Knowing who and Whose we are, and conducting ourselves accordingly.


Repairing the Breach

Kim and I have spent the past few decades — both unredeemed and now saved, while single and now married for 17 years — being prepared by the Almighty to walk in our Repairing the Breach calling.

Our lives are committed to prayerfully realize Isaiah 58 in its fullness, and train and disciple the Body of Messiah to do the same.

We invite you to learn more about us on this new website, and let us know how we may be of service.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated, as is your financial support to our outward ministry.

For such a time as this,

Chaim Goldman & Family