Double Sukkots (Feasts of Tabernacles) 2016

Yes, we are “double Feast-ing it” this year, and will be celebrating Sukkot (Tabernacles) in Steelville, Missouri from September 16 – 25th; and then in Melrose, Florida (near Gainesville) from October 16 – 25th.

In Steelville we’ll just be “hanging out” with everyone (no scheduled teachings), so that gives us lots of time personal conversations and one-on-one ministering.   We celebrated Sukkot in Melrose last year  —  and it was awesome, and this year we’re returning and teaching one of the evening sessions and a couple of break-outs.

For info about each go to:



** The registering cut-off for Melrose is September 25th, as they need to tell the camp how many people are coming.  So, don’t wait anymore on your Sukkot plans and book NOW!

(BTW:  If you want the story about why we’re keeping double Feasts, you can check out my article about “calendar dispute” this year, and how we decided to handle it: )

We hope to see you for the celebration(s)!!