American Tour Cities (2016)

Tour Postcard front web

Tour Cities and Dates to Put on Your Calendar:

Black = For Sure

Green = Definite but still a lot needed to make it happen

Red = Planned, but Tentative

Gray = Past

Jacksonville, FL    Revive Conference:  July 1 – 6

Roanoke & Goode, VA:  July 7 – 13

Monroe, MI  (between Detroit & Toledo):  July 14 – 23

Minneapolis, MN:  July 29 – July 31

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada    Camp Zimrat Yah:  August 5 – 14

Northwest Montana:  August 18 – 29

Central Washington:  Conference  —  August 29 – Sept 8

Bozeman, Montana  —  September 9 – 11

Steelville, Missouri    Sukkot “A”:  September 16 – 28

Nashville, Tennessee  –  October 6 – 10

Melrose, Florida (Gainesville)    Sukkot “B”:  October 16 – 26

Phoenix, Arizona:  Conference  —  November 11- 18

(that’s “all” for now)


How It All Began

We’ve been planning this tour for years, but just didn’t have the boldness to step out into it, as it’s quite an undertaking.

Then, back about two months ago,  Camp Zimrat Yah, a Messianic Youth Camp in Saskatachawan, Canada, invited Chaim to be their speaker for the week, with an honorarium.   It was more than enough for him to fly up, but it sure seemed weird to go to a summer camp without the family.

It’s 2700 miles away from Miami.  Could we not have been invited to speak somewhere in Florida?  How about somewhere in the country?!   What was Father up to?!!

Maybe it was time for us to head out on Tour.  Hmmm….

Then, confirmation!  The very next morning, we were invited back to speak at Sukkot (Tabernacles) in northern Florida; where we spent Sukkot last year.    Within 24 hours, we had two fixed locations and two dates a few months apart.   We pulled out the map, planned a logical week-by-week route up and back, and the Tour was born!


YHVH Guides Our Steps

Yeah, well it’s not that easy!   We know people in some places, but not others.   How is this 4 – 5 month schedule going to work?

That’s when we put out the word, and started getting invites.   We still have a lot to work out, and some cities we are planning to go to are still tentative (based on getting hosts and setting everything up.)  BUT…we’ve seen so many wonderful “God-incidences” happen already, that we are figuring they will just continue.  😉

We plan our way, He guides our steps.  But, in order for Him to do that, we must be stepping.  We must be in motion…

AND…please keep filling out our Tour Survey and sending us invites, as we don’t plan on stopping at the end of the summer, or even this year.    After all, there’s a lot of “repairing the breach” to do!  😉