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What is I-58?

Simply, it’s our initiative for those who would like to support the work of Repairing the Breach on a monthly basis.

“I-58” stands for “Isaiah 58”, so that each month you are reminded about the call of this ministry with which you are partnering.  If you can give at least $58 per month, that is fantastic, but even a regular monthly donation of $10 or $20 is so helpful to us!

I-58 is also a powerful battle cry.  By proclaiming “I 58” you make it clear where you stand.  That you give to Repairing the Breach each month, and that you are practicing the self-sacrificial principles of Isaiah 58 in your own life.

How wonderful a testimony!


Why support Repairing the Breach each month?

Well, the answer to that question really needs to be up to you.  If you believe in the work we have done, are doing, and plan to do, then we ask you to please support us financially each and every month through 2016.

To be very transparent, it is difficult for us to ask for this kind of support.  We have been “in ministry” since we were married (and Chaim for many years before that), but until Repairing the Breach was launched we had never requested that anyone personally support our family on an ongoing basis.

So, as we move into this next phase, a time for going on the road full-time with our family, we have been shown by the Almighty that the “harvest” of our labor is the people into whose lives we have sown.

Therefore, if we have helped to bring about any kind of increase in your life:  in faith, in relationships, in understanding, in health, in business, in identity, in walking in your specific calling, or any other area, then please consider supporting our work at this time, so that we may continue.


Regular monthly giving from those who benefit from our ministry is meaningful in three major ways:

1)  It allows us to budget both for regular monthly expenses, and larger capital purchases, because we know that the finances will be available.

2)  It encourages us incredibly to know that others believe in Repairing the Breach enough to support us consistently.

3)  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  (Matthew 6:21)  Your monthly giving keeps us in YOUR heart  —  and Biblically that means your Soul  —  your mind, will, and emotions.   That connects you to us and us to you in the most important way possible, as we colabor with you to repair the breach.
So, although $10 or $20 of $58 per month may not seem that it will make a difference, know that it makes a huge difference to us.

Can you fit us into your 2016 giving?


How are the donations being utilized?

1)  To feed hungry children.  Yes, our six children, aged 12 down to 3 years of age, are very hungry, and as five of them are boys, we know the need to supply mass quantities is soon to come.

2)  Shelter.   The apartment we’re now in in Miami (that Kim’s mom owns) is only three bedroom…and we’re running the ministry out of here too, so that keeps our living expenses relatively low.  We are now seeking to purchase (or just be provided with) an RV which will be our housing as we travel about.  (please check out the Equipment Needs page for more info about making us mobile)

3)  Other life needs.  We are quite a big family, sort of huge by today’s standards.   We keep things very tight, and tend to ‘go without’, but there are still the normal costs of living x8.   We also homeschool, so we incur those material costs  —  and it means that Dr. Kim is not out “doctoring” to add additional income.

4)  Ministry expenses.  The purpose of this time of preparation is to get ready on all levels to minister around the US.   We are conducting some events in South Florida, but for the most part we are focusing internally (on a personal and organizational level) on 1000+ different concerns.   The support of those who give monthly allow us to stay the course of our plan to be equipped and on the road by spring of 2016, and not have to get distracted or delay it because of a need for generating finances elsewhere.

5)  Tithe.  Yes, we admit that it does seem weird to request extra support above what is “needed”, just so that we can pay our tithe from what comes in, but it’s just a reality…and so we disclose to you that we will be tithing off all financial support that we receive.

6)  Fun.   OK, we admit it, we will be using some of what you donate to have fun with family and friends and enjoy life.    How much of our budget will go toward that? Maybe 5 – 10%.   We’ve tried “living” without “living”, and it is not much of a life.  Know that we are always looking for free and low-cost activities, and the activities that we do spend money on for fun tend to be things that are extremely family oriented, and often educational (like a museum), as well as the occasional ‘date night’.  Thank you for allowing us to also be people, not just ministers.


What are your goals for the first quarter of 2016?

We’re not in South Florida for a vacation, but to prepare for the mission ahead.

As we launch into 2016, we will continue the work that we have begun…

1)  Getting healthy and strong in body, soul, and spirit

2)  Building a solid administrative infrastructure that can support us properly when we get out on the road.

3)  Creating a complete event coordination system.

4)  Establishing financial stability though a diverse support base.

5)  Acquiring an RV


Yes, this is all very ambitious, but we have a very big God.

Our immediate goal is having the guarantee of $5800 per month to cover the basic life and ministry expenses, as well as the RV and other needs to get us on the road as we are about to venture out.

Please consider supporting us throughout 2016 with a monthly donation.

Our entire family thanks you so much for your support…especially those hungry children!

Please Note:  Repairing the Breach is not a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, and therefore your donations are NOT automatically tax deductible.  Thank you for supporting our work of “speaking the truth in love”, unencumbered.

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