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Episode #9: ‘The Day We Take Over’

OK, enough! The Messiah reestablished our dominion over the planet, and it’s time we exercise it. Did you know that the Torah (Law) was given at Mt. Sinai on the very same day – about 1500 years later – that the Spirit was given in Jerusalem? Did you know that Pentecost did NOT happen in an ‘Upper Room’? Why should you care? Take a listen….

Since about 2013, when I first started to really learn about the Kingdom and its very Good News, I’ve been closing my emails and other correspondence: “For such a time as this”

I wasn’t exactly sure why, it just seemed right. Ours may not be the ‘final generation’, but for those us as alive today, it absolutely IS! This is our time, our chance, our moment in history to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, or to not…

And so, like Esther in the Bible, those of us who are willing to be bold have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this. And just like her cousin, Mordechi, I’m here to herald the message that, perhaps, YOU too have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this!

If this resonates with you, then please continue on this journey with me. Please be affirmed that you are hearing from the Holy Spirit and are being moved to walk fully in your calling, your destiny. (And please share these videos with other sons and daughters of the Almighty who you believe will also find this video blog helpful.)

For such a time as this…I’m Chaim Goldman.

Special: ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

Kingdom Ambassadors! Sons and daughters of the Most High! It’s time to speak Truth to power. Real truth, Biblical truth…and to do so locally!

This video is from the El Paso County Colorado Commissioners Meeting of May 19, 2020. We greatly appreciate being able to present before them.

Depending on where you live, most of your local officials are (probably) good people. But how do they even have a chance of properly representing you if they don’t know what you think or what you want them to do? Walk in authority, take dominion over the geographic area the Almighty has assigned you to, and manifest the Kingdom. For such a time as this!

Come out of hiding and get involved, our Liberty requires it. Silence also speaks volumes! Time for massive action…whatever that means to you.

Links to videos mentioned:

“Speaking Truth to Power”: see below, or help make viral on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ChaimGoldman/videos/10158980748100955

“The Upper Room Conspiracy”: www.RepairingTheBreach.global/UpperRoomConspiracy


Episode #8: ‘Radical Obedience’

In this tumultuous world the Church’s lukewarmness MUST end. The followers of Messiah are to be salt and light, but that takes being radically obedient; nothing less. Join the revolution of those sold out to the Almighty with a heart to walk in all His ways!

Episode #8: ‘Radical Obedience, part 2’

Contact Us to Join Online “Radical Obedience” Meetings:

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Episode #7: ‘The Rest’

In the first six episodes we covered a lot, and now it’s time for “The Rest”. In my experience, it’s what makes makes life so very sweet, the Creator’s gift to us, the heavenly calibration…


Episode #6: ‘The Mordecai Challenge’

What is your specific Kingdom calling, and how can passion fruit help you figure it out?  Take ‘The Mordecai Challenge’ and discover why you’re on the planet…for such a time as this!

Episode #5: ‘Emuna: Walking in Faith’

This may just be the most profound thing I have ever learned! What is “Faith” from an Hebraic perspective, and how do we practice it in practical ways, especially at this time?

Episode #4: ‘The Two Coronas’

There are always at least two very distinct ways to perceive any situation, and the one you choose makes all the difference. Which corona are you putting on?

Episode #3: ‘A Kingdom Response to Corona’

Yes, you’ve received a ton of emails, videos, etc about Corona.  So have I.  But I haven’t heard these crucial Kingdom perspectives in any media.  So I made a video…

Episode #2: ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’

Episode #1: ‘The Time is Now’

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